Product Labels

Products used by the Grand River Mosquito Control District


Products available for use in mosquito treatment

The following products are available for homeowners to buy and use to control the mosquito population around their property. 
  • Quick Kill Mosquito Bits and Dunks (for ponds, fountains, standing water)
  • Mosquito Halt 
  • Ortho Mosquito B Gon
  • Black Flag Fogger
  • ACE Malathion 50 concentrate
  • Ortho Malathion Plus concentrate
  • Permectrin II concentrate (horses, cattle, and sheep)
  • VIP Insect Spray (for horses, cattle, sheep)
  • Equine Fly and Mosquito concentrate II (horses)

Suppress mosquito populations, within the boundaries of the district, and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Monitor both larval and adult mosquito populations; to organize the population statistics, to evaluate organizational efforts, and to plan subsequent control strategies.